Inventory Policies

1. Introduction

1.1 At TStack Inc, hereinafter referred to as “TrustedStack”, we are committed to maintaining a fair, transparent, and safe marketplace for buyers, sellers, and users. This inventory policy outlines the guidelines and requirements for inventory management on our platform. TrustedStack uses proprietary tools, third-party partners and software and manual monitoring teams to review, approve and monitor the quality of inventory. Inventory may include websites, mobile applications and/or other digital media properties made available for sale of inventory via TrustedStack’s platforms and services (“Sites”). By using our platform and services, each Publisher (owner or authorized operator of Sites) agrees to comply with this policy, which may be updated from time to time. It is the responsibility of all publishers to stay informed of the latest policy changes posted on our website.

2. Platform Policies

2.1 Ownership and Authorized Relationships

  • Publishers must own the Site on which ads are served via our platform or have a direct contractual relationship with the owner of each Site.

2.2 Ads.txt or App-ads.txt

  • Each Site must publish a TrustedStack authorized ads.txt or app-ads.txt file prior to sending inventory to us.

2.3 Resale of Inventory

  • Resale of inventory from unauthorized intermediaries is strictly prohibited.

2.4 Accuracy of Account Information

  • Publishers must provide correct and complete account information, including inventory descriptions and related data.

2.5 Malware and Harmful Code

  • Sites must not install or distribute malware, viruses, or similar malicious code.

2.6 Better Ads Standards

  • All Sites must comply with the Better Ads Standards and avoid engaging in “least preferred ad experiences” identified by the Coalition for Better Ads.

3. Site Policies

3.1 Site Structure

  • Sites must have original content, user-friendly navigation, and balanced placement of advertisements.
  • Sites lacking original content, primarily developed for advertising, or using deceptive tactics for search-engine ranking improvement will not be approved.
  • Other disallowed sites include free-hosted pages, under-construction or blank pages, sites that redirect traffic, and sites promoting Internet abuse or harmful activities.

3.2 Content Policies

  • Sites promoting adult or pornographic content, illegal substances, illicit activities, hate speech, violence, piracy, counterfeit products, gambling, and other illegal or harmful content are prohibited.
  • Restricted content may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • The content guidelines provided above are not an exhaustive list. Trustedstack reserves the right to reject any media individually if it does not meet the criteria for selling ad inventory.

3.3 Disallowed Content Placement

  • Ads should not be obscured, altered, or placed in a manner that deceives users or blends excessively with content.
  • Placing images or thumbnails that deceive users around ad units is prohibited.

3.4 Third-Party Validation

  • Sites deemed unsafe by reputable third-party malware-detection services or disinformation identification services may be disallowed.

4. Traffic Policies

4.1 Valid Traffic

  • Impressions and clicks must be legitimate and driven by genuine user interest.
  • Publishers shall not drive traffic through incentivized click programs, spam email marketing, unwanted advertisements, or fraudulent means.
  • Publishers should primarily acquire organic traffic and ensure its authenticity. Excessive purchased/acquired traffic may result in suspension or termination.

4.2 Incentive Programs

  • Publishers must not mislead users or incentivize them to click on ads through compensation or fraudulent means.

4.3 Misleading Users

  • Publishers must not provide misleading text or disguise ads within content.
  • Ads may not be obscured, altered, or displayed in a deceptive manner.

5. Implementation Policies

5.1 Ad Placement

  • Ads may only be placed on approved sites owned or authorized by the Publisher.
  • All attributes pertaining to sites, including URLs, ad formats, positions, and sizes, must be accurate in ad requests.

5.2 Ad Code Manipulation

  • Publishers must not alter the ad code to change ad appearance, manipulate targeting or delivery, or interfere with the standard behaviour of ads.
  • Software that triggers pop-ups, redirects, or modifies browser settings is not allowed.
  • Removing third-party tags or services without proper authorization is prohibited.

6. Enforcement

6.1 Any concerns about Publishers or Sites violating these policies should be reported to TrustedStack at [email protected]. We reserve the right to temporarily pause or terminate monetization for Publishers and Sites found in violation. Monetization will resume only after compliance is achieved.

6.2 We reserve the right to reject, suspend, or remove any Site at our discretion, even if the violation is not explicitly listed in this policy.

6.3 This inventory policy does not limit our discretion in any way and may be updated as needed to ensure a fair and safe marketplace for all participants.